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        Xinya group has been in the steel business for almost 30 years, as a privately owned company, specializing in manufacturing and selling off EF+LF+VD ingots, ESR ingots, forgings and mining development. Xinya is located in the beautiful and rich Qunlou industrial park Danyang City. It is conveniently situated with a superior geographical position close to Shanghai-Nanjing High-Speed Railway.     Xinya production p...  
Shaft forgings
Ring forging
Cylinder forgings
Round steel
Forged disc
Electro slag
Round ingot
Square ingot
Round flat
Plum blossom
  ADD:Qunlou Industrial Park, Xinqiao Town, Danyang City, Jiangsu Province
Zip code:212322
Tel:+86 0511 8635 3986; 8636 0978
FAX:+86 0511 8636 0978
Mr Yu: +86 187 9606 1658
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